Kushwave Forever

by However

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released June 3, 2013

Lyrics and music by However
Engineered and mastered by Julia Chojnacki




However Chicago, Illinois

The 90s, but better.

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Track Name: adsfjk;lds;adfjh
On the bus everyday I prayed until my stop fingers crossed so I'd go untouched
Scared when double dared to say a swear just enough to keep this little mama's boy's mouth shut
Grab a tuft of my hair to coax a swear cause bullies know that "fucking shit's" a couple follicles deep You had me beat
Then I muttered something like "your mom" but I was wrong
You corrected me with five firm fingers and a palm

It's harmful to your pride when your mother sees you cry
And you go into your room and hide for hours
Hoping that your dad don't see the handprint on your tear-soaked cheek

My ma raised me not to say a swear
I did it anyway because it made me feel so good
Screaming "holy shit!" when you stabbed the can of soda with a letter opener
“Hold it steady this won't hurt"
Throwing swears and hook at my left arm
No cause for alarm it's just your white trash charm
Eating welfare dinners in the stairwell Splinters of the memory still exist like how you chased me round the lake with sticks

I woke up to the cries my mother told me yours had died
And though you ruined half my childhood I felt for you and couldn't help but wonder why
She went and drowned herself at the bottom of the lake that you chased me round with sticks
Track Name: Sigh
It's like those Smoky Mountain drives
Cheeks painted shades of pink that only those roads could render
It's like yellow balloons swelling as they climb
Like driving with the windows down in late November

It's like climbing trees in winter when you're high
Like fragile fading trails from shallow breaths of an ember
It's like that seldom felt relief following a sigh
Like driving with the windows down in late November
Track Name: sleepinin
“Once you lose sleep it's gone”
Someone told me that
I know it's true
So I skip class and sleep until noon
'Cause going to sleep drunk

Is like
Tying cement blocks to your feet
And shuffling your way
Into a lake

Sometimes I only get out of bed
Because skipping work
Is a lot harder of a thing to come up
With an excuse for

And sometimes
When I don't show up somewhere
I let it go

Once you lose sleep it's gone
I'm a dick I don't let it go

Unless money's involved I guess
But I throw away the money I pay for school
For breakfast at noon
And a three hour nap before I go out later

Four hours
Before I
Turn off my alarm
Track Name: West Hall, Fall
Tuesdays and two-for-one Arizonas in the summer
Make me want To say something dumb like “kushwave forever”
But I feel fall coming, and as much as I love the weather
I'm worried

Cause this time last year
Deerhunter leaked and I never wanted to leave that basement scene
I wanted to go back longer than I was ever there
It's gone

I used to stay up as late as I could to see how dark the rings underneath my eyes could get all for that