"Swings" b​/​w "Choir Robes"

by However

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released July 10, 2012

Words and Music by However
Engineered by Jon Weber



all rights reserved


However Chicago, Illinois

The 90s, but better.

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Track Name: Swings
This is the song the swings wrote in the park on that day in October.
The leaves were falling down, the creaks and squeaks resound, but they were drowned by laughter as we ran around
I think that's when we stole your shoe.

This soft, rhythmic metal beat put me to sleep even though we stole your pillow
I woke up in the morning to the rattles of your snoring, still the singing swings were roaring in the autumn Apple Canyon air.

I hear sound waves never end, so I listen real close in desperate hopes of hearing echoes of my iron lullaby.

This simple tune is all I knew and now it's June. What's left to do but sing along as the chains whistle the melody
Of this sweet symphony of rusty nuts and wood chip dust and faded sticky rubber seats.
Track Name: Choir Robes
I remember when we used to make tents out of blankets in your living room.
We'd lie around and swap scary stories at your house after Sunday School,
But those ghost tales didn't faze you at all
'Cause you had walked through hell and fire before
When your daddy touched you in certain places a man should never touch a child.

Then you came to stay at my house
And I rode with you to school everyday
You gave me all the pink Starburst from the bag and taught me what words like "faggot" meant
But I was too young to understand what happened to you,
Though you seemed pretty happy for that week or two
'Til those people came and took you away
And I haven't seen you since

I remember that church picnic on the lawn about a year ago.
Plenty of rickshaw rides and Mom's potato salad and awkward hugs to go around.
I went out back 'cause I was getting really overwhelmed
And there you were in the shade sitting by yourself.
You were growing tired of the dirty looks from all the people who knew you were a lesbian

Then that fundamentalist bitch showed up, cornered me, and started talking shit.
I held my tongue and didn't call her out on giving dome in a pile of choir robes.
You played your pocket poker and avoided all my eye contact.
I always wondered why you never had my back.
Two weeks later you were killed in a crash
And I haven't seen you since.